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EHS system is the integration of the Environment Management System(EMS) and Occupational Safety and Health Management System(OHSMS). Aurisco is emphasizing the problems of EHS in the manufacture process all along. We are making the basic of environmental prevention, safty production and enterprise employee health. In adhering to bring EHS to our long-term economic development. , we continue to controlling of environment hazardous impact, preventing environmental pollutions according to the laws and important environmental regulations ,so as to improve occupational safety and health management ,which will promote coordinated Development of economy, society and EHS.

í˘Integrating Environment, Health and Safety considerations into our business    planning and decision making.
í˘Establishing management systems to manage risks and drive performance
í˘Establishing targets where compliance with applicable legal requirements is the
   minimum level of performance.
í˘Currently:ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001.
í˘Passed the audits by brand companies.

We take on our responsibility in the area of safety, health and environmental protection towards our employees, human society and the natural environment, and we will continue to improving and optimizing our performance.

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