Category Products DMF registration
Technical Package USA Secondary DMF Canada Secondary DMF
Steroid hormone Betamethasone
Acetate Tetraene (3TR)
7alpha-methoxycarbonyl-3-oxo-17alpha-pregna-4,9 (11) -diene-21,17-propiolactone (eplerenone intermediate)
16alpha-hydroxyprednisolone (intermediate of budesonide)
Dexamethasone Epoxy Hydrolysate (8-DM)
Betamethasone Epoxy Hydrolysate (DB-11)
Anticancer Staurosporine(Midostaurin int.)
Sirolimus(Everolimus int. )
10-De-1 Acetyl Baccatin III (10-DAB)
2´, 3´-bis-O-acetyl-5´-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine (capecitabine intermediate)
Antiviral 9- (2-phosphonomethoxypropyl) adenine (PMPA)
Psychotropic R-(-)-3- (carbamoylmethyl) -5-methylhexanoic acid (pregabalin intermediate)


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