Aurisco offers contract manufacturing services and related development work, including chemicals, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) from preclinical stage to commercial quantities. 

Through close partnerships with customers, Aurisco provides complete, but flexible development and manufacturing packages with full quality and regulatory support, from clinical stage to commercial stage,

Chemical synthesis & fermentation are two of our key competences for the manufacture of small molecules. Aurisco offers tailor-made fine chemical intermediates, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Our capability caters production from gram to multi-ton´s scale.


Good adaptability

From decision makers to executives, Aurisco is committed to provide quick solutions and efficient teamwork to meet customer needs .



The most important thing is that we do as we say.


Effective communication

Once the customer trusts a special task to Aurisco, then we will communicate the project progress information with the customer at any time. Here, we say what we did.


Quality assurance

For Aurisco,quality management is an ongoing process that incorporates international standards and customer needs.


Flexible working time

The company adopts a flexible working hours , 7 days a week to meet needs of customers.



Aurisco controls the disposal of all kinds of hazardous substances and the execution of all kinds of on-site hazardous reactions firmly within the risk management system. In order to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and environment. All kinds of related trainings and SOPs are carried out in the best way.



Trust and confidence of customers is our priority. Every employee is trained to keep all confidentiality they come into contact with at work. The data and information that our employees have to access are limited to the needs of project and for better service at work. All customers' business secret, technology , know-how shall be kept strictly confidential by Aurisco.