Chiral Synthesis

We offer custom synthesis of chiral molecules through separation of racemic material as well as modern asymmetric synthesis.

  • Asymmetric induction
  • Chiral pool
  • Organocatalysis
  • Enzymatic reactions (reductions, esterases, decarboxylases)
  • Single and double stereo-differentiating reactions
  • Desymmetrization


We’ve developed significant expertise in fermentation to produce APIs, Intermediates and biocatalysts.

  • Expert inhouse biotechnology team
  • Close collaboration of biotechnology department with chemistry department
  • Approx. 300m² commercial fermentation workshop, from 50L to 23,000L fermenters

Synthetic Biology

Our protein expression platform has established four recombinant expression systems from prokaryotic (E.coli, Bacillus) to eukaryotic (Yeast, Brassica napus(plantcell system)).Capabilities:

  • 2,400 m2 biocatalysis labs that can handle 5-10 projects simultaneously
  • a large in-house library including 2000+ enzymes from commercially available sources enabling rapid screening

Our integrity synthetic biology platform offers a one-stop solution:

  • Contract research of protein/peptide expression
  • Peptide development and manufacturing
  • API industrial strain development
  • Biocatalysis development, replacing chemical process with enzyme technology


  • Photochemistry provides with green, high efficiency, low pollution benefits;
  • We are manufacturing APIs in ton scale by using photochemistry technology.

Polymorph and Salt

  • Discovery of new polymorph, crystallization process development and optimization.
  • Milling and micronization:equipped with different milling device, can meet with different PSD requests.

Oligonucleotide development

  • Aurisco has an integrated Oligonucleotides process development and manufacturing platform from preclinical to commercial. We support the development and manufacturing of a variety of oligonucleotide modalities including DNA, RNA, Morpholino oligonucleotide (PMO), and etc.

Analytical services

  • IPC and release methods development and validation for small and large molecules
  • API and Drug Product release testing ICH stability studies
  • Reference standard characterization and qualification
  • Potential Genotoxic Impurities (PGI) method development, validation and testing
  • Impurity/degradant isolation and structure elucidation
  • Oligonucleotide and Peptide analysis
  • Physical property characterization
  • Microbial testing

Key analytical technologies

  • Chromatography: UPLC, HPLC, IC, GC
  • Mass spectrometry: LC-MS, LC/MS/MS,GC-MS, UPLC-UV-MS, UHPLC-QToF
  • Solid state characterization: XRPD, DSC, TGA , PSD
  • Identification: NMR
  • General testing: KF, UV-Vis,
  • PSD testing: Malvern 2000,3000, Sympack
  • Elemental analyzer: ICP-MS